Private Sector Collaboration for Technical Education

The partnership grants for technical education are intended to improve the quality of teaching, research and skills development at the five technical colleges and make them more relevant to the demands of employment and entrepreneurship. The main thrust of these collaborations is to key into the Lagos state’s vision of human capital development particularly targeting areas such as infrastructural development, transportation, housing, and independent power projects.

The Lagos Eko Project is collaborating with international organisations to develop a center of excellence in each of the five colleges and develop skills that are relevant to today’s market. One of such collaborations is with Samsung which has led to the development of Samsung Engineering Academy, the first in West Africa. The objective of the collaboration is to develop a world class Academy with the sole aim of producing two thousand (2,000) certified electronics technicians over a period of five (5) years in Lagos state.

The project has also entered into partnership with Festo, a renowned German engineering company in industrial automation technology and mechatronics. The choice of mechatronics is strategic as it presents excellent job opportunities for technical college students especially in areas such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, food and beverages, cement industries, nanotechnology, computer and communications etc.