Student's Assessment

Students assessments- establishes a standardised system for measuring students’ learning achievement in the core subject areas ( English, Mathematics and the Sciences) Standardised Students Assessment monitors the improvement of students’ learning achievement from the baseline and generates consistent and reliable data for planning, budgeting and the Governors Education Award which drives competitiveness in our schools.

Lagos Eko Project has identified that baseline data obtained through valid and reliable assessment instruments is fundamental to measuring the impact of its intervention.  In realization of this fact, a system of standardized testing was designed to generate primary data that can be used to measure improvements in standards or otherwise of Lagos State secondary schools. The rollout of the standardized testing started with a workshop on the principles of test construction for Lagos state teachers and this was widely applauded especially by participants majority of whom have not been exposed to test blueprint for test construction.

 The training not only equipped the teachers with specialized skills, but also benefitted the whole education system especially in terms of increased capacity building for the State. Item writers, who were subject specialists were contracted to develop model testing in different subjects. Each of the item writers constructed 100 items on their respective area of specialization. Three hundred (300) items were then collated on each of the six subjects at the end of moderation workshop