Teachers Professional Development

Lagos State school leaders have been given the autonomy to identify training required for their staff, select the appropriate TSP to carry out the training and pay the TSP from the school budget. This is part of the process of developing school leadership. 

The Lagos Eko Project is supporting the development of teachers’ professional knowledge and skills by;

  • Linking secondary schools with Training Service Providers to address training needs identified by school Principals in partnership with Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Centre (PSSDC) thereby ensuring compliance, value assurance as well as the coordination and supervision of the training.
  • Establishing a mechanism for identifying training and capacity development needs of secondary school teachers through international consultancy. In this regard, empirical evidence was obtained to adequately address skills and competency gaps in schools and use the information to strategically develop in service training that would address identified gaps.
  • Improving school leadership and management skills through a number of local and international institutions.