School Development Grant

The objective of the School Development Grant is to raise learning outcomes in public junior and senior secondary schools by providing access to yearly discretionary grant with an explicit focus on improving the quality of education services as priority needs are identified at school level.

School Performance Award (Governor Education Award)

The objective of the award is to sustain the gains made in learning outcomes by providing additional performance based incentive to qualifying schools. The awards are given to schools that have achieved improvements based on the school’s composite score in standardised tests in English, Mathematics and the Sciences as compared to previous years result.

Private Sector Collaboration for Technical Education

The partnership grants for technical education are intended to improve the quality of teaching, research and skills development at the five technical colleges and make them more relevant to the demands of employment and entrepreneurship. The main thrust of these collaborations is to key into the Lagos state’s vision of human capital development particularly targeting areas such as infrastructural development, transportation, housing, and independent power projects.