School Development Grant

The objective of the School Development Grant is to raise learning outcomes in public junior and senior secondary schools by providing access to yearly discretionary grant with an explicit focus on improving the quality of education services as priority needs are identified at school level.

The School Development Grant is the main tool designed to achieve the project’s developmental objective. The essence of the School Development Grant is to empower school leaders to take responsibility for the progress of their schools. The grant assists schools to make priority decisions about students learning, teachers’ development and school management.

Each year Education Districts approve School’s Improvement Plan (SIP) before the commencement of school activities. Some common areas of utilisation of the school development grant include; instructional materials, ICT, teachers professional development and the Volunteer Teachers Scheme.

Grants are provided annually to all public secondary schools to augment schools non-salary expenditures with the aim of improving learning performance. School are given between N1-N3.5 million based on their size. For effective utilisation of the funds, monitoring activities are carried out at difference levels including Education Districts, Monitoring Consultants, SBMC and the PSU. The Zonal Project Administrators (ZoPAs) play a vital role in facilitating and monitoring the execution of grants and ensuring that standards of reporting and accountability are adhered to.

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The development of Lagos Eko Project is a further manifestation of the high level determination by the present admionistration of Lagos State to achieve excellence in governance in all its ramifications and more so in the education of our children


From time to time, Lagos Eko Project, require the help of consultants and professionals to directly impact to each of the Junior and Senior Secondary Schools including the State Technical Colleges.

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