Volunteer Teachers Scheme (VTS)

Volunteer Teachers Scheme (VTS)

Lagos State VTS was established to address the shortage of teachers especially in core subject areas such as English Language, Mathematics and the Sciences. The scheme brings together dedicated and resourceful professionals who are able to contribute their quota to the overall vision of excellence of the present Lagos State administration. The VTS community is drawn together by a common purpose, that is, the enthusiasm and passion to make a difference to the educational system.

Since inception, the VTS has been entrenched into the public secondary school system. Schools and the Education Districts now see volunteer teachers as important resource in enhancing the learning outcomes of students and supporting student’s moral and socio-cultural development.

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The development of Lagos Eko Project is a further manifestation of the high level determination by the present admionistration of Lagos State to achieve excellence in governance in all its ramifications and more so in the education of our children


From time to time, Lagos Eko Project, require the help of consultants and professionals to directly impact to each of the Junior and Senior Secondary Schools including the State Technical Colleges.

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