Support to Special and Inclusive Schools

Support to Special and Inclusive Schools

In compliance with the Special People’s Law 2011 and to ensure that the needs of students with disabilities e.g. children with sight impairment, hearing loss, physical disabilities etc, are well taken care of, the Lagos Eko Secondary Education Project initiated an additional grant based assistance to special and inclusive schools in 2012.

Special Schools are schools for children with special needs while Inclusive Schools are schools for regular and special students. There are seven (7) inclusive schools and five (5) special schools.

The Special Schools are;

  1. National Orthopaedic Special School Igbobi
  2. Modupe Cole
  3. Atunda Olu School for the Mentally and Physically Challenged
  4. Wesley School for the Hearing Impaired School 1
  5. Wesley School for the Hearing Impaired School 2

The Inclusive Schools are;

  1. Ipakodo Junior Grammar School
  2. Lagos State Junior Model College Agbowa-Ikosi
  3. Lagos State Senior Model College Agbowa-Ikosi
  4. State Junior Grammar School
  5. State Senior Grammar School
  6. Methodist Junior High School, Badagry
  7. Ikeja Junior High School, Ikeja GRA

Through the Lagos Eko Project grants, the schools have purchased instructional materials such as Braille books, specialised computer softwares, musical instruments and many other assets that help to facilitate teaching and learning. Also, the teachers and administrators have been exposed to various local and international training.

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The development of Lagos Eko Project is a further manifestation of the high level determination by the present admionistration of Lagos State to achieve excellence in governance in all its ramifications and more so in the education of our children


From time to time, Lagos Eko Project, require the help of consultants and professionals to directly impact to each of the Junior and Senior Secondary Schools including the State Technical Colleges.

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